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    Share the Waves: 6 Courtesies Every Surfer Should Observe

    Surfers know that a session on the waves is a chance to forget petty concerns and find harmony with natural rhythms. But in order to keep this good vibe flowing, everyone needs to observe some basic courtesies. Know the Right […]

  • Transform Your Spare Room Into A Personal Oasis

    Transform Your Spare Room Into A Personal Oasis

    If you have a guest room, but rarely have guests over, it might be time to put that space to better use. Have you ever wanted a space in the house all to yourself, where you can go to relax […]

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    Must-See Shipwrecks Around the World

    To see the remains of once-magnificent ships rusting in shallow waters or observing the slow process of massive machinery and the sea becoming one is unlike anything else. There’s something hauntingly beautiful yet incredibly eerie about these wrecks, seemingly frozen […]

  • Surfing with a Purpose: 6 Great Surf-Focused Charities

    Surfing with a Purpose: 6 Great Surf-Focused Charities

    Surfers are known for their deep connection with the ocean, but many of these athletes create waves while fighting for animal rights, erasing poverty throughout the world and battling those intent on destroying the environment. Here are six great surf-focused […]

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    6 Great Dates for Couples Who Surf

    When you and your sweetie both shred waves, finding the right spot for a date is easy. Combine the romance of the sea with your passion for thrills to plan your next special night together. Beach Picnic Well, duh. You […]

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    7 Tips for Better Beach Photos

    Beaches are notoriously stunning…and hard to photograph. People wear hats. Sand gets in the camera. The wind whips everything into a blur. Here are 7 tips to better beach photos. 1. Lose the Hat We all should wear hats at […]

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    Beach Cabanas: How Did We Ever Do Without Them?

    The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a cabana as: a small, simple building that has a roof and usually walls and is often used by people at a beach or swimming pool. That may be technically correct, but that doesn’t even come […]

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    5 Most Picturesque Beaches Along North Carolina’s Coast

    North Carolina is one of the most visited states in the country once the summer rolls around thanks hot weather and some of the most picturesque beaches south of the Mason Dixon. The state is small enough that you could […]

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    The World’s Most Beautiful Clear Water Beaches

    From bright turquoise beaches in Samoa to the shores of Jenny Lake in Wyoming, we’ve rounded up a list of must-visit destinations that boast the brightest, clearest waters in the world. Panari Island, Japan Home to a whopping 13 or […]

  • Decorating Tips To Keep Summer Alive

    Decorating Tips To Keep Summer Alive

    Those who love summer always get a little sad when Labor Day rolls around. Traditionally, it has marked the end of summer fashions and the beginning of autumn. Even if you can’t keep summer alive when you’re out and about, […]

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7 Easy Ways You Can Help the Ocean

Humans have a direct impact on the ocean’s wellbeing. Regardless of where you live on this planet, every person can help preserve the ocean and its inhabitants. Here are seven easy tips on how you can protect and restore the ocean. […]

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Beach Wedding Must-Haves

It’s officially wedding season and if you’re lucky, you’ve been invited to a few that will take place on the beach. Avoid rookie mistakes (stilettos in the sand, anyone?) with our guide to everything that you need to rock beach […]

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Caribbean Dive Destination Safety Tips

The Caribbean is undeniably one of the best diving destinations in the world; in the Cayman Islands you can swim with stingrays, and Belize boasts the second largest barrier reef in the world. The exotic underwater world is mesmerizing, but fraught […]

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Bringing Tranquility to Your Small Space

Life’s a beach. To truly embrace this philosophy, you’ll need to begin at home. Our living spaces directly feed our souls. For smaller-space dwellers, making every inch count while maintaining a tranquil, breezy style is top priority. Whether you’re residing […]

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8 Best Dog Breeds for West Coast Living

The West Coast lifestyle is unique to that of the rest of the country; out here where the sun is constantly shining (except most of the Northwest) things tend to be a little more laid-back than out East. Your choice […]

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Day Sailing to Prickly Pear Cays in the Caribbean

If you always wanted to island hop in the Caribbean, there are plenty of islands inviting you to drop anchor; some deserted, some not. But if you’ve always wanted to channel Robinson Crusoe just for a day, along with having […]

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The Sea’s Deep Thinkers: Life in the Deep

Now know the ocean’s cities, suburbs, and rural zones. But everywhere has a place where the deep thinkers with strange ideas gather. Paris’s Latin Quarter, New York’s East Village, San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury, or the strange communes that pop up in […]

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Tides and Currents 101

At 2 AM one summer morning, I crawled out of my tent and heard a gentle bumping sound. I went to investigate. Our four kayaks were about to float away: the water had risen while we slept—but we were on […]

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7 Best Beach Alternatives to Sand Castles

Building sandcastles on the beach is a tried and true tradition for every summer vacation, but once you’ve got the first one under your belt what do you do next? Never fear, because there are plenty of other things to […]

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A Guide to Summer Camping on the Beach

Summer is in full swing and that means there are many great opportunities to spend a night out on the beach! Camping on the sand is a bit different from the woods, so it’s important to take proper precautions ahead […]

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