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    Caribbean Dive Destination Safety Tips

    The Caribbean is undeniably one of the best diving destinations in the world; in the Cayman Islands you can swim with stingrays, and Belize boasts the second largest barrier reef in the world. The exotic underwater world is mesmerizing, but fraught […]

  • Bringing Tranquility to Your Small Space

    Bringing Tranquility to Your Small Space

    Life’s a beach. To truly embrace this philosophy, you’ll need to begin at home. Our living spaces directly feed our souls. For smaller-space dwellers, making every inch count while maintaining a tranquil, breezy style is top priority. Whether you’re residing […]

  • 8 Best Dog Breeds for West Coast Living

    8 Best Dog Breeds for West Coast Living

    The West Coast lifestyle is unique to that of the rest of the country; out here where the sun is constantly shining (except most of the Northwest) things tend to be a little more laid-back than out East. Your choice […]

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    Day Sailing to Prickly Pear Cays in the Caribbean

    If you always wanted to island hop in the Caribbean, there are plenty of islands inviting you to drop anchor; some deserted, some not. But if you’ve always wanted to channel Robinson Crusoe just for a day, along with having […]

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    The Sea’s Deep Thinkers: Life in the Deep

    Now know the ocean’s cities, suburbs, and rural zones. But everywhere has a place where the deep thinkers with strange ideas gather. Paris’s Latin Quarter, New York’s East Village, San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury, or the strange communes that pop up in […]

  • Tides and Currents 101

    Tides and Currents 101

    At 2 AM one summer morning, I crawled out of my tent and heard a gentle bumping sound. I went to investigate. Our four kayaks were about to float away: the water had risen while we slept—but we were on […]

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    7 Best Beach Alternatives to Sand Castles

    Building sandcastles on the beach is a tried and true tradition for every summer vacation, but once you’ve got the first one under your belt what do you do next? Never fear, because there are plenty of other things to […]

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    A Guide to Summer Camping on the Beach

    Summer is in full swing and that means there are many great opportunities to spend a night out on the beach! Camping on the sand is a bit different from the woods, so it’s important to take proper precautions ahead […]

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    Why a Beach Nap is the Best Nap Ever

    I’ve never really had a bad nap; maybe ones that were too short, but never bad. Napping on the beach is special though and if you can stay awake long enough, I’ll explain why. It’s the Beach Silly I don’t […]

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    Best Beach Lunches Ever

    It’s true what they say—everything just tastes better on the beach. From easy, mess-free sandwiches to gourmet summer salads, we’ve rounded up a list of perfect, packable seaside meal ideas. Bon appetit! Skewers Also known as kebabs, skewers are a […]

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9 Best Beach Quotes of all Time

Who doesn’t love the beach? Great writers, statesmen, entertainers and everyday folks all have had their say: some funny, some poetic and others profound. Here are just a few of our favorites.   “Come walk with me, take off your […]

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Big Game Sport Fishing In The Caribbean

The sparkling waters of the Caribbean offer an impressive array of outstanding options for anglers, from bone fishing inland freshwater lakes and rivers to dropping a line in some of the deepest and most challenging ocean waters of the world. […]

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Life on the Ocean’s Rural Spaces: The Wide Open Sea

If tidepools are living in the sea’s Manhattan, and bays are the ocean’s suburbs, what’s the open sea? Well, it’s a lot like rural living. Wide-open space abounds, real estate is cheap, but finding a job can be tough. Like […]

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Top 10 U.S Beaches for 2016 From Dr. Beach

Dr. Beach is actually a Florida International University professor named Stephen Leatherman who has been compiling his lists, based on 50 criteria since 1991. The lists are released every Memorial day to kick off the summer and let you know […]

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8 US Parks Where You Can Camp on the Beach

Summer is here and those dreams of road trips, camping trips, and beaches that got you through the harsh winter months are ready to become reality. Sleeping in a tent deep in the woods and waking up to fresh mountain […]

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Beach Etiquette Refresher

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Beach season is finally upon us which means long, lazy days full of sun, sand, and surf. Keep the vibe high by brushing up on key beach etiquette tips which promise to […]

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Discover Nicaragua’s Corn Islands

A secluded hideaway for buccaneers and pirates during the 17th century, the Corn Islands of Nicaragua are today an all but forgotten tropical paradise. Located just fifty miles northeast of Bluefields on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, the two Corn […]

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6 Breathtaking Beaches of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is the perfect destination for those who love spending a day at the beach only to return to the comforts of city life at night. It’s possible to drive across the length of the island in just a few […]

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5 Best Beaches for Wildlife Lovers

What do condors, turtles, and horses have in common? Well, they’re all animals, for one. More important is that they all happen call the beach home. From designated sanctuaries to spots where you can observe spectacular creatures in the wild, […]

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9 Best Sports to Play on the Beach

Summer is finally here and it’s time to hit the beach! Rather than just lie around soaking up some sun, why not pull out a ball and play a game while you’re out on the sand? Here are some great […]

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