• 6 Great Colleges for Surfers

    6 Great Colleges for Surfers

    You study tide tables as carefully as you study math and history; you spend more time surfing gnarly waves than you spend surfing the net; and you prefer the beach to the football stadium. Attending one of these six surf-friendly […]

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    8 Best Exercises You Can Do at the Beach

    Just because you’re heading to the beach for vacation doesn’t mean you have to slack off on your workouts. There are a plenty of ways to stay in shape on the sands. When you’re feeling the need to get your […]

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    Diving the Bay Islands of Honduras

    Located between Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala, Honduras features more than 300 miles of Caribbean Sea coastline. The majestic natural resources of Honduras offer incredible recreational opportunities and grand adventures including some of the best whitewater rafting and finest and […]

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    Retire to the Islands

    It’s a dream for a lot of us, but it’s really not that hard to achieve. Besides the beauty and laid back life style we crave, you want to look for affordability, accessibility and of course health care. You also […]

  • 6 Great Surf Flicks for Your Rainy Day

    6 Great Surf Flicks for Your Rainy Day

    Rainy day? Stuck in bed with tonsillitis? Had a bad session and wanting some inspiration for next time? You can’t be on the waves 24/7, but when you’re stuck on the couch, you can keep the surf party going. Grab […]

  • Fall Beach Vacations are the Best

    Fall Beach Vacations are the Best

    Now, don’t get me wrong, any time is a great time for a beach vacation. It’s just that the fall seems to have so much more going for it. The Weather is Delightful While you are expecting heat and humidity […]

  • How to Photograph Tidepools

    How to Photograph Tidepools

    Everyone loves tidepools. The sea stars, sea anemones, and the other colorful creatures that live in the rocks at the ocean’s edge are colorful, weird, and fun and they make a living on the roughest place on Earth. In fact, […]

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    Isla Holbox, Mexico

    Isla Holbox, Mexico is a tiny fishing village in the state of Quintana Roo featuring sea, sun, sand, and an abundance of land and marine life. It is separated from the mainland coastline of Mexico by a shallow lagoon, which […]

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    6 Ways to Create Beachy Memories with the Family

    Sunlight warming your skin, cool water splashing against your ankles, the rhythmic crash of the waves and the laughter of splashing in them, the tang of salt in the air; the beach is a quintessential vacation experience for families. Here […]

  • Learn to Love Frigid Waters

    Learn to Love Frigid Waters

    Unless you’re living in a tropical paradise, you’ll probably find the ocean water around you to be a tad too cool throughout most of the year. For diehard water lovers, skipping the beach for three seasons just won’t do. Here […]

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6 Beaches to See in the Fall and Winter

Even as those late-summer rays warm your shoulders, your thoughts are turning to wood smoke, hoodies, and evenings warmed by hot chocolate. Getting your cozy on is great, but the change in seasons is no reason to give up your […]

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Beautiful Bequia: Gem in the Grenadines

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Soak up some sunshine. The second largest island in the Grenadines, Bequia, also known as Becouya, presents seven square miles of magnificent scenery, lush vegetation and white sugar sand isolated beaches. An […]

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Share the Waves: 6 Courtesies Every Surfer Should Observe

Surfers know that a session on the waves is a chance to forget petty concerns and find harmony with natural rhythms. But in order to keep this good vibe flowing, everyone needs to observe some basic courtesies. Know the Right […]

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Transform Your Spare Room Into A Personal Oasis

If you have a guest room, but rarely have guests over, it might be time to put that space to better use. Have you ever wanted a space in the house all to yourself, where you can go to relax […]

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Must-See Shipwrecks Around the World

To see the remains of once-magnificent ships rusting in shallow waters or observing the slow process of massive machinery and the sea becoming one is unlike anything else. There’s something hauntingly beautiful yet incredibly eerie about these wrecks, seemingly frozen […]

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Surfing with a Purpose: 6 Great Surf-Focused Charities

Surfers are known for their deep connection with the ocean, but many of these athletes create waves while fighting for animal rights, erasing poverty throughout the world and battling those intent on destroying the environment. Here are six great surf-focused […]

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6 Great Dates for Couples Who Surf

When you and your sweetie both shred waves, finding the right spot for a date is easy. Combine the romance of the sea with your passion for thrills to plan your next special night together. Beach Picnic Well, duh. You […]

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7 Tips for Better Beach Photos

Beaches are notoriously stunning…and hard to photograph. People wear hats. Sand gets in the camera. The wind whips everything into a blur. Here are 7 tips to better beach photos. 1. Lose the Hat We all should wear hats at […]

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Beach Cabanas: How Did We Ever Do Without Them?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a cabana as: a small, simple building that has a roof and usually walls and is often used by people at a beach or swimming pool. That may be technically correct, but that doesn’t even come […]

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5 Most Picturesque Beaches Along North Carolina’s Coast

North Carolina is one of the most visited states in the country once the summer rolls around thanks hot weather and some of the most picturesque beaches south of the Mason Dixon. The state is small enough that you could […]

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