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10 Best Beaches of Phuket


Phuket is famous for its beautiful beaches, but with so many to choose from, it’s hard to settle on just one. Here are the 10 best that cannot be missed on your next trip to this popular Thai tourist town.

Patong Beach
Patong is where the party’s at. Young, wild and free-spirited 20- and 30-year-olds flock to this area thanks mostly to its place right along the famous Patong area of Phuket. Here you’ll find dozens of bars just off the shores offering any carnal delight a young person might desire. It’s not that family friendly, to be honest.

©istockphoto/Kevin Landwer-Johan

©istockphoto/Kevin Landwer-Johan

Banana Rock Beach
Banana Rock was once barely touched, but tourists have been coming here in droves in recent years. It’s easy to see why once you take in the sights. Clear blue waters and a long stretch of sand large enough to accommodate hundreds of people are what makes this place shine.

Karon Beach
If you’re looking for a place to take the tots, Karon Beach is the perfect choice. It’s located in one of Phuket’s most popular tourist spots, so finding a resort here is easy as cake. There are also tons of small shops and great restaurants to choose from.

Kata Noi Beach
Kata Noi is the perfect place to get away from vendors yelling in your face. It’s fairly undeveloped, so you can relax in some peace and quiet while you soak up the rays here.



Paradise Beach
If you’re staying in Patong but want to get away from the crowds, a short distance away you’ll find the sandy shores of Paradise Beach. The place certainly lives up to its name; you’ll find rocky outcroppings surrounded by perfectly blue waters and very few developments.

Nai Harn Beach
Nai Harn is a gently sloping beach with rocks popping up out of the azure water. You’ll be able to enjoy the sun and sand without the hassle of other tourists kicking sand in your face as they walk by. It’s secluded, and the sands here are exceptionally white.



Bang Tao Beach
Bang Tao is nestled in the Laguna Complex, one of the ritzier areas of Phuket’s bustling beach scene. Sure, you might have to shell out more money to stay nearby, but the 8 kilometers of sand and peaceful atmosphere make it worth the price.

Freedom Beach
There are only two ways to reach Freedom Beach—an arduous trek over rough (and private) terrain, or by boat. We recommend the boat. Once there, you’ll find what might be the most secluded beach in the whole city.

Kata Beach
This cozy cove is another hotspot for families looking to get away from some of the more sinful exploits of Phuket. It’s a bit on the busier side, but it provides a great alternative to those looking to get a different vibe than what you’ll find over at nearby Karon.



Laem Singh Beach
Laem Singh is hard to peel yourself away from. The scenery is reminiscent of something you’ll see on a tourism site, though it’s become more and more popular over the years. If you can stand the crowds, you’ll enjoy spending the day in what looks like paradise.

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