From Panama Jack — January 25, 2016 at 3:12 pm

6 Best Baltic Beaches


When thinking of the Baltic States, most assume clouds and cool weather. Luckily, the Baltic Sea offers plenty of sunshine that glistens above the white sandy beaches in countries such as Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. The Baltic coast displays the best of both worlds: historic architecture and sunny seasides.

Parnu, Estonia

Parnu is a popular health tourism town that has existed since 1251. The Old Town boasts romantic medieval charm and is populated with resorts. When not on the beach, visitors can walk and bike along the shoreline promenade. After sunbathing, relax in the nearby Parnu mud baths where many people come to treat dysfunctions and diseases.

Cape Kolka, Latvia

Wild and rugged, this is the place to run free on the Baltic Sea. If you love seclusion and and getting in touch with nature, then Cape Kolka is a must-visit. The raw and powerful ocean crashes into shoreline boulders that gives it an Alaskan-wilderness feel. Although the town is ordinary, be sure to stop by one of the stalls selling smoked salmon.

Nida, Lithuania

Once an old fishing village, Nida is now one of the most popular tourist spots in Lithuania. Nida, located on the Curonian Spit, features rustic beauty combined with rooted history. In the 19th century, artists flocked to Nida in search of the perfect sand dune to paint. The white sand beach is two kilometers in length and is only three kilometers to the Russian border. Mostly German tourists visit Nida to reveal its Prussian history.

Gdansk, Poland

Gdansk is one of Poland’s most popular seaside towns. With one thousand years of history, this beautiful port city offers the best of beauty, culture and class. In 2010, Stogi Beach earned the “European Blue Flag Status” and is one of the best beaches in the Baltic. Here you can sip a cocktail in a hammock or hang out in the wooden hut that replicates the Tatras. The town also features an excellent cycling path that connects the Old Town and the beaches.

Sopot, Poland

Sopot is a small seaside and spa resort town that attracts more than 2 million tourists every year. The charming town consists of everything from souvenir shops to pubs to nightclubs. The town’s unique character comes from its Art Nouveau villas and townhomes that rest near the seaside. The beach stretches 4.5 kilometers and thousands of people flock here on a sunny day.

Hiiumaa, Estonia

Hiiumaa is Estonia’s second largest island and consists of sleepy villages, nature reserves and remote accommodations. Here you can hike, bird watch, horseback ride or take a nap on the beach. This is the ideal location to escape many of the Baltic’s traditional resorts.

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