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A Guide to the 7 Best Beaches in India


India is known for its diverse culture and fragrant food. But with 7,157 kilometers of coastline, India is the perfect place for a relaxing on an adventurous beach vacation. Whether you want to learn how to surf or enjoy the most beautiful sunsets, these are the best beaches to visit in India.

Best Sunset

For the best sunset, visit Vagator Beach in northern Goa, India. If you want a primitive beach, head here where the jungle meets the ocean. Protruding rocks and boulders rest along parts of the shoreline including the famous Shiva Rock carving. The sunset is a natural experience where the blazing sun slowly lowers onto the horizon and welcomes the night sky.

Best Family Beach

If you like to spend quality time with the family, head to Calangute Beach in Goa. Also known as “Queen of Beaches,” Calangute is the largest in the northern region and offers plenty of water activities such as jet skiing, water surfing, parasailing and banana-raft rides. Near the beach, families can find plenty of shopping, restaurants and cafes.

Best Secluded Experience



Located in northern Karnakata is the remote holy town, Gokarna. Situated next to pristine nature, Gokarna features four small and remote beaches. If you want to escape the mass tourism of Goa, this is the best place for a pleasure-seeking experience. It is not uncommon to be the only visitor at certain times of the day.

Best Scuba and Snorkeling Opportunities

Subha nayak

Subha nayak

India is the last place you’d expect tropical coral reefs. Netrani Island is located off the Karnataka coastline and offers a wealth of aquatic marine life. Since divers explore the deeper areas of the Arabian Sea, they can encounter sea turtles, humpback and minke whales and the occasional whale sharks that migrate in Indian waters.

Best Hippie Beach

If you are looking for hedonists, hippie markets and bongos, head to Arambol in Goa. Alternative thinkers flee here to offer yoga, meditation and Reiki retreats. The Arambol beach shops sell the usual hippie gear including Buddha bags, peace sign necklaces, crystals and harem pants. The nearby beach restaurants serve fresh and organic fruit smoothies and salads. Here you can also find Cow Beach, where hippies and cows unite and worship the sun all day long.

Best Surfing Beach

Kovalam Beach is the best surfing spot in India. Not only are the waves consistent, but the accommodation and food is affordable. When the waves are good, the breaks are around seven feet near the lighthouse. If not, the waves are short and expect to eat plenty of sand when you fall off.

Best Natural Beach

If you want to watch nature in its primitive state, explore Radhanagar Beach in Havelock Island. Time Magazine once voted Radhanager as “Asia’s Best Beach,” and it is renowned for its white sand and calm, turquoise waters. The jungle surrounds the beach, where you can watch birds and wild animals traverse between the beach and the jungle.

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