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Scuba Diving: Five Great Places to Get Certified

Unless you are fortunate enough to live in the tropics or a similarly temperate climate, chances are that if you’re considering getting your scuba certification you are facing the standard pool routine followed by a few grueling sessions in frigid […]

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How To Do a Backflip (And Why You Should Do Them)

Few activities rival the enjoyment of one that combines the thrill of flight with the shock of a deep-water plunge. Cliff jumping is more than just the leap, it’s the expansion of the soul as you make like a terrified […]

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7 of the Most Secluded U.S. Beaches

The thoughts of waves crashing playfully on the shore and soft warm sand hugging your toes is all it takes to get you craving a day at the beach. Nix the local shore swelling with tourists, parking meters and  condos. […]

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