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Beach Wedding Must-Haves

It’s officially wedding season and if you’re lucky, you’ve been invited to a few that will take place on the beach. Avoid rookie mistakes (stilettos in the sand, anyone?) with our guide to everything that you need to rock beach […]

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Best Beach Lunches Ever

It’s true what they say—everything just tastes better on the beach. From easy, mess-free sandwiches to gourmet summer salads, we’ve rounded up a list of perfect, packable seaside meal ideas. Bon appetit! Skewers Also known as kebabs, skewers are a […]

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Mastering the Waves As An Adult

Maybe your parents never let you buy yourself a board. Maybe you wiped out once and decided to hang up the wetsuit for good. Maybe you didn’t see the ocean until you were 20. But you’re a grownup now, and […]

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Beach Tips for Sensitive Skin

Having sensitive skin is a pain on a regular day, but when it comes time to whip out the bikini and hit the beach, it can turn into a nightmare. The sun’s rays, sunscreen and sand can all wreak havoc […]

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How to Pick Your Beach

If life is a beach, then hopefully you visit one. Everybody loves the beach. Most of us though, don’t get to spend near enough time there. Since beach time is so precious, you may want to make sure you pick […]

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7 Safety Tips For Children at the Beach

A beach vacation sounds relaxing and easygoing for the entire family, and it most certainly is. So much so, that families that have not spent much time around the ocean let their guard down and may not realize the subtle […]

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6 Common Sunscreen Myths BUSTED

Growing up in South Florida meant that I was at the beach year round. Add my 12 year stint as a competitive swimmer and six year long lifeguard career to the mix and it’s safe to say that I’ve had […]

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6 Ways to Save Money On Your Next Beach Vacation

Beach vacations don’t have to be expensive! If you’re looking to cut costs during your next trip to the sands, here are a few ways to go about it. Pack up your beach towels and sunscreen because you don’t have […]

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How To Avoid And Treat Sand Flea Bites

If you’ve ever traveled to a tropical locale and spent days lounging on the beach, you’ve probably come across the devious little monsters known as sand fleas. These nearly microscopic critters can turn a relaxing beach vacation into an itchy […]

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8 Tips for Taking Baby to the Beach

Are you ready for your baby’s first beach bum experience? Taking a baby to the beach is an entirely new experience that requires preparation and planning. Keep your baby safe and protected this summer with these eight beach tips. Find […]

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