Under the Sea

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4 Reasons Sharks Are Awesome

A single fin slicing through the surface of the water. The glimpse of a shadowy shape as big as your board in the curl of a wave. If images like these swim into mind—if the iconic baaa DUM, baaaaa DUM […]

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6 Wacky Water Sports to Try

Surfing, sailing, standup paddleboarding; water lovers have plenty of options for getting a little H20 in their lives. But maybe you’re looking for something innovative and offbeat to mix up your routine. If so, check out one of these quirky […]

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Welcome Back, Otter

Sea otters are adorable. They float on their back, eating urchins and crabs, and roll around in big furry rafts and kelp beds. And they’re coming back. The Fall of the Otter Sea otters once ranged the Pacific Coast from […]

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7 of the Sea’s Linchpin Creatures

Life in the sea life is beautiful, diverse, and colorful. It’s also critical to humans: nearly a quarter of the protein that feeds the world’s seven billion people comes from the ocean. In all that sea life, there’s a short […]

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Diving the Bay Islands of Honduras

Located between Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala, Honduras features more than 300 miles of Caribbean Sea coastline. The majestic natural resources of Honduras offer incredible recreational opportunities and grand adventures including some of the best whitewater rafting and finest and […]

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Tides and Currents 101

At 2 AM one summer morning, I crawled out of my tent and heard a gentle bumping sound. I went to investigate. Our four kayaks were about to float away: the water had risen while we slept—but we were on […]

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Big Game Sport Fishing In The Caribbean

The sparkling waters of the Caribbean offer an impressive array of outstanding options for anglers, from bone fishing inland freshwater lakes and rivers to dropping a line in some of the deepest and most challenging ocean waters of the world. […]

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Life on the Ocean’s Rural Spaces: The Wide Open Sea

If tidepools are living in the sea’s Manhattan, and bays are the ocean’s suburbs, what’s the open sea? Well, it’s a lot like rural living. Wide-open space abounds, real estate is cheap, but finding a job can be tough. Like […]

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The Sea Star Rebound

For the past two years, west coast sea kayak populations have been decimated by a phenomenon called “Sea Star Wasting Syndrome.” The culprit was a mystery for a long time. Then researchers identified a densovirus that had existed for at […]

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Supersized Squids and Other Enormous Ocean Dwellers

From 40 foot cephalopods to 200 ton whales, the ocean is home to a lot of massive forms of life. Read on to learn about some of the world’s most spectacular megafauna (Moby Dick has nothing on these creatures!) Lion’s […]

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