Under the Sea

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Masters of Camouflage: Pygmy Seahorses

The Pygmy Seahorse is the chameleon of the ocean. Its tiny body (about the size of a paperclip) is capable of changing color and  forming textured tubercles that allow it to look identical to coral.  This survival tactic might have allowed the Pygmy Seahorse to stay […]

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by / on October 24, 2014 at 5:00 am / in Under the Sea

Keep the Beach Feel Going All Year Long

For fun in the sun lovers, the winter can be a dreary time. Cabin fever easily sets in and day-dreaming about that next big wave, paddle around the cove, or ride on a jet ski ensues. Luckily, there are a […]

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Alien Sea Creature

Ong Han Boon was fishing for something to eat for lunch off the coast of Singapore (by the island of Sentosa) when something usual stumbled onto his line. It’s a creature unlike any other, but most importantly something I don’t think Ong was […]

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Wasting Away in Sea Star-ville

Sea stars are iconic coastal creatures. They’re colorful and cling to rocks and mussel beds all along the coast. Everyone loves them. But sea stars are dying out. And nobody really knows why. “Sea Star Wasting Syndrome” has gotten the […]

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8 Things You Should Know About Gray Whales

They migrate up and down the Pacific Coast, moving north or south along the shore throughout the year. If you’ve visited the Pacific Coast, you may have seen a few. Here’s what’s truly interesting about these 35-ton hunks of blubber […]

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What To Do If You Spot a Shark While Swimming

It’s a glorious summer day. You’re out cooling off in the ocean, when something suddenly feels a little off. You can’t quite put your finger on it…like something is watching you. Off in the distance, there’s a flash from the […]

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Amazing Ocean Wildlife Facts

As humans live their life day-to-day on land, most often forget that life under the sea is a spectacular wonder. However, the ocean and its sea creature residents sometime have a harder life than humans in terms of survival. Be […]

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31 Days of Studying Underwater

As scientists begin to explore the world above us, a small group of aquanauts has decided that we need to better understand our own planet before we start trying to explore others. This urged them to study the ocean floor […]

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Smoking Kills… Unless You’re a Sponge

At first glance, this looks like some sort of movie magic where they just added the “smoke” in, but when you watch the video, you realize that every sponge actually does this every day. We just can’t see it happening […]

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