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Animal Islands

I have been compared to the fictional character Indiana Jones many times. Not only am I a swashbuckling world traveler but I look great in a Fedora as well. There is that one other trait though: I am scared to […]

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6 Ways An Area Rug Can Spruce Up Your Space

Some people are turned off by the idea of buying an area rug because they’re not exactly sure how they can make it work in any given space. Area rugs can be utilized in just about any room (well, maybe […]

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Throwback to the Forties: Why Men Should Wear Hats Again

Picture Spencer Tracy, Humphrey Bogart, or just about any movie star from the Forties and you will picture a styling man in a fine hat. Hats are classy, sophisticated, and are a long lost fashion statement which today’s fashion-concious males […]

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7 Coastal National Parks

One hundred years ago, President Woodrow Wilson created the National Park Service. We’ve had national parks since Yellowstone was created way back in 1876. But by 1916, we’d accumulated a scattered mix of wilderness and Civil War battlefields, mostly managed […]

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6 Great Colleges for Surfers

You study tide tables as carefully as you study math and history; you spend more time surfing gnarly waves than you spend surfing the net; and you prefer the beach to the football stadium. Attending one of these six surf-friendly […]

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8 Best Exercises You Can Do at the Beach

Just because you’re heading to the beach for vacation doesn’t mean you have to slack off on your workouts. There are a plenty of ways to stay in shape on the sands. When you’re feeling the need to get your […]

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Diving the Bay Islands of Honduras

Located between Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala, Honduras features more than 300 miles of Caribbean Sea coastline. The majestic natural resources of Honduras offer incredible recreational opportunities and grand adventures including some of the best whitewater rafting and finest and […]

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Retire to the Islands

It’s a dream for a lot of us, but it’s really not that hard to achieve. Besides the beauty and laid back life style we crave, you want to look for affordability, accessibility and of course health care. You also […]

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6 Great Surf Flicks for Your Rainy Day

Rainy day? Stuck in bed with tonsillitis? Had a bad session and wanting some inspiration for next time? You can’t be on the waves 24/7, but when you’re stuck on the couch, you can keep the surf party going. Grab […]

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Fall Beach Vacations are the Best

Now, don’t get me wrong, any time is a great time for a beach vacation. It’s just that the fall seems to have so much more going for it. The Weather is Delightful While you are expecting heat and humidity […]

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